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Individual Membership

Benefits of Membership

  • Keeps you updated on what is going with YOUR Army
  • Provides professional development opportunities
  • Speaks out on issues such as pay, health care & modernization
  • Advocates for pay raises & improvement in military training
  • Helps you give something back to our brave men and women who serve this country
  • Helps you show your support for a strong national defense
  • Supports your community by sponsoring events and activities for soldiers and civilians in MD
  • AUSA Aberdeen has already donated $30,000 back to the APG Community in 2012!

Individual Membership Fees

Dues by Rank
Rank 1 Year 2 Years 3 Years
Junior (w/o magazine) - E1-E4, Cadet/OCS $14 $28 N/A
Regular (with magazine) E, E1-E4, CADET/OCS GS1-GS4 $21 $42 $63
E5-E7, GS5-GS6 $26 $49 $71
O1-O3, W1-W3, E8-E9, GS7-GS11, Veteran $31 $58 $85
O4-O6, W4-W5, GS12-GS15, CIVILIAN $34 $64 $93
O7-O10, SES, ES $39 $74 $107