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  • EXCOM Nominations

Call for EXCOM Nominations

  1. In accordance with the Article IX of the 2017 AUSA MG Harry Green Aberdeen Chapter bylaws, the Chapter is accepting nominations for the following  positions on the Executive Committee.   
    1. President
    2. Vice President
    3. Secretary
    4. Treasurer
  2. The term of fulfillment for this election is July 2017-June 2019.
  3. Nominations for these positions may be made by
    1. APG AUSA chapter member in good standing on behalf of him or her self
    2. APG AUSA chapter member in good standing, on behalf of another chapter member in good standing.
  4. Nominations must be received NLT 27 February 2017 and sent to: Please fill out and sign the attached form, scan it and attach to your email.
  5. Personnel nominated for a position will be notified NLT 3 March.
  6. Interviews for nominees will be set up and held between 3 March and 10 April.
  7. The final slate for nomination will be presented to the current AUSA Executive Board and submitted to the membership via email and published on the website NLT 3 May. A vote for the acceptance of the slate will be held at the May General Membership Luncheon.   In order to vote  you must be present at the luncheon and  be a member in good standing of the local chapter.
  8. Questions may be sent to: